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History of Bureau County

On February 28, 1837, the General Assembly of Illinois at Vandalia acted to form Bureau County. It seems appropriate to recognize and honor the man whose name is identified with every important accomplishment in Bureau County. If George Washington can be called the “Father of Our Country”, then John Howard Bryant- school teacher, farmer, statesman, and poet- must be called “Father of Bureau County.”

He was made justice of the peace of Putnam County for Bureau precinct. He was convinced that an area as large as the original Putnam County would not be to the best interest of the inhabitants. Instead, he favored a line drawn at the Illinois River.

It took four years of tireless effort before the territorial lines for the new Bureau County were defined by General Assembly on February 28, 1837. After some opposition, the vote carried on April 1, 1837, and the first county officials were elected in June of that year.

*taken from “John Howard Bryant and Bureau County” by Don Norris.


Bureau County Board
Standing Committees

ESDA/Zoning: Marsha Lilley, Chair
Ralph Anderson, John Baracani, Tom Dobrich, Connie Stetson, Loretta Volker

Transportation: Steve Sondergroth, Chair
Joe Basetti, Tom Giordano, Rob Pozzi, Tom Ptasnik, Dan Rabe, Jim Thompson

Law/Assessments: Mary Jane Marini, Chair
Jim, Donarski, Deb Feeney, Marsha Lilley, Rob Pozzi, Robin Rediger, Derek Whited

Buildings and Grounds: Kristi Warren, Chair
Robert Albrecht, John Baracani, Mike Kohr, Mike Maynard, Jim Thompson

lnsurance: Mike Kohr, Chair
Jim Donarski, Deb Feeney, Mike Maynard, Bob McCook, Tom Ptasnik, Kristi Warren

Fees & Salaries: Marrshann Entwhistle, Chair
Tom Dobrich, Jeff Mangrich, Mary Jane Marincic, Bob McCook, Steve Sondergroth, Connie Stetson

Ralph Anderson, Tom Dobrich, Derek Whited

Animal Control: Joe Bassetti, Chair
Tom Giordano, Marsha Lilley

Health Department
Loretta Volker

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